When someone rings your doorbell wouldn’t it be nice to know about it when you aren’t home? Well this project will do just that. Pressing the doorbell will send a message to your cell phone and send you a picture of who is there. You often hear that robbers often ring the doorbell to make sure no one is at home before breaking in. I am thinking that a few of the Arduino outputs could be purposed to spray a water gun and turn on a siren. 

Thanks for the tip Clement.

 ”How does it work ?

  • 1. When the doorbell is pushed, the Arduino sends an HTTP request to the PushingBox API.

  • 2. PushingBox launches the user’s scenario and gets a picture from the web camera.

  • 3. PushingBox sends a Push notification to the user’s phone and a mail message with the picture attached.”

[via: http://hackedgadgets.com/]

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