Chinese 40W eBay engraving laser

I ended up trading some LTC/BTC for a 40W laser from china, even though I have a 100W laser at Null Space but I wanted something for making PCB stencils and so on. I fully expected to get back a hodge podge machine that would need work, since it was $599.They took just over a [...]

Making PCB stencils with CadSoft Eagle and MoshiDraw 2013

This got me a useable stencil with the K40/ecpur style “40W” lasersEagle DRC using ITEADs ( doesn’t really matter which ) First shrink the tCream pads.2 or 3mil worked  in the  min//max cream settings, rectangles that are part of packages aren’t affected by this setting, only auto tCream from pads.Next switch off all layers except [...]


I had a Windows 7 machine in one of the racks with a bunch of services not starting, no networking so not much of anything since its headless and graphics are network remote, so I pulled it out and switched its graphics cards to see what was going on.Really slow to boot windows, after login [...]

Hayward H250 ED1 Pool Heater Electronic Ignition

When we bought out house, I wanted a pool, even though I can’t swim. It came with a pool heater, so I was happy about that.. But as fate would have it the only thing that didn’t work, was the pool heater (and the fire pit ) . Before we bought the house, I turned [...]

LightObject Z Table for the K40/EBAY Chinese lasers.

Editors Note: This ztable doesn’t actually fit in my particular Chinese laser, it is too tall… I’m seeing if they have shorter threaded rods available. my lasers gantry is about 93mm to clear, ztable is 105mm. le sigh….Note 2: see bottom for updates.I Picked up a motorised Z table from light objects for my Chinese [...]

Replacing an amerilite/pentair pool light, short version.

I had to swap out the pool light at home, the wire runs under ground in a tube. I didn’t take pictures of it unfortunately, mostly because i had to get in the pool to change it.Remove the old fixture, its usually one screw at the top, the light should have the wire coiled up [...]


.text:01001FD3 .text:01001FD3 55                                      push    ebp .text:01001FD4 8B EC                                   mov     ebp, esp .text:01001FD6 83 EC 24                                sub     esp, 24h .text:01001FD9 56                                      push    esi .text:01001FDA E8 81 FF FF FF                          call    sub_1001F60 .text:01001FDF 85 C0                                   test    eax, eax.text:01001FE1 0F 84 B9 00 00 00                       jz      loc_10020A0 .text:01001FE7 83 65 DC 00                             and     [ebp+Msg.hwnd], 0 .text:01001FEB 8B 75 [...]


Since kinects need all the things, I had to separate them to different USB ports , somehow my device manager showed an unknown device, which was 0409 005a USB NEC, I kept finding renesas usb 3.0 drivers on Google but that’s a red herring. Anyway after realising it was a hub and not a controller, [...]


The Windows Installer service could not be accessedI’ve had this on and off windows service installer message from time to time, and mostly gotten around it.If you’re tried the usual MVP advice of “sfc ‘/scannow” , the unreg/regserver stuff as well with msiexe.exe, no difference. and so on, read on for MFP advice..First (or last) [...]

Irritrol–RD1200 Sprinkler controller repair

I always have issues with water, I’ve flooded a couple of houses over the years. So the new house’s sprinkler system is no surprise, we have almost 150PSI of water pressure going into an old metal pipe sprinkler system, and I’ve been slowly replacing the pipe and reducing the pressure under concrete and all that,. [...]

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